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In my decade as a middle and high school teacher in independent schools, students & families perennially highlighted my passion for learning, organization, and, most importantly, excellence in instilling a love of learning & robust academic skills in all students.

In particular, I found that 1:1 engagement with students, whether in the classroom or during student-teacher periods, yielded dramatic gains in academic skills, particularly in writing.

I founded Isabel O'Connor Writing and Learning to leverage my strengths by specializing in the transformative process of 1:1 teaching and learning.

If, like me, you prefer that broad claims be backed up by reputable evidence, consider this academic evidence review entitled, "The Transformative Potential of Tutoring" which concludes:

"Across all studies included in this analysis, tutoring programs consistently lead to large improvements in learning outcomes for students, with an overall pooled effect size of 0.37 standard deviations. This impact translates to  student advancing from the 50th percentile to nearly the 66th percentile. Effect sizes greater than 0.3 standard deviations are considered to be large impacts, especially in the context of education interventions."

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